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No train service at Walkden this weekend

August 12, 2017

Just a reminder that, as previously noted, there are no trains to or from Walkden this weekend, and a bus replacement service is running instead.

See National Rail Enquiries for details of bus times.


Service disruptions: be prepared

July 29, 2017

bussignDue to the upgrade of Bolton station and electrification of the Bolton line, we will continue to experience considerable disruption on the Walkden line as services are diverted and engineering work is done around Salford Crescent.

Please be aware of the following service changes:

  • Mondays to Thursdays from 10 July to 4 August (i.e. already happening)

No trains through Salford Crescent after 2130. See Emergency Timetable for details of bus replacements.

  • Saturday 12 to Sunday 27 August

Bolton station closed for 3 weeks. Weekend services through Walkden severely disrupted with no trains running on Sat 12th August or any of the three Sundays. Weekday services are running more-or-less normally but are expected to be busier with passengers displaced from Westhoughton, Bolton and Farnworth. Northern have assured FoWS that all services on the Walkden line during this period will be formed of 4 carriages. See Emergency Timetable for details.

FoWS recommend passengers check all trains on National Rail Enquiries before travelling during this period.


More engineering works this weekend

April 22, 2017

Due to the Ordsall Chord work trains will not be able to use Manchester Victoria again this weekend: a reduced timetable is in operation with services diverted to Oxford Road instead:


Service changes over Easter

April 12, 2017

Please note Network Rail will be carrying out engineering work connected with the Ordsall Chord (the new piece of track that will allow trains to run directly from Victoria to Piccadilly via Salford Central and Deansgate) from Good Friday to Easter Monday, and a special timetable will operate from Walkden.

Of particular note, all Victoria services will operate to/from Oxford Road instead, and some (mainly late evening) services will be replaced by buses.


As always we recommend checking National Rail Enquiries before you travel.


Ordsall Chord and Northern Hub info

July 2, 2016

If you’ve heard talk of the “Ordsall Chord” and “Northern Hub” plans for our local railway network and wondered what it’s about you may be interested in some videos from Network Rail explaining the Network Rail video of recent works at Victoria and showing a computer generated “fly-through” of the extra platforms and tracks that will be added between Piccadilly and Oxford Road.

While good for the wider region there is still uncertainty whether local services will be net winners or losers from the project … direct trains between Victoria and Piccadilly will no doubt be a boon to passengers travelling south with luggage, but it seems unlikely Walkden will gain direct services to Piccadilly (the new track will be busy with trains coming in from further afield) and we may see more congestion getting into and out of the Salford area as more trains pass through.

FoWS are campaigning for local interests to be protected by TfGM and Northern when the Ordsall Chord is opened.


Salford Central and Manchester Victoria to close for a week at Easter

March 2, 2016

As part of Network Rail’s “Ordsall Chord” project there will no be trains running to or from Salford Central or Manchester Victoria from Good Friday 25th March to Saturday 3rd April.

Trains to/from Walkden will use Manchester Oxford Road instead (and still call at Salford Crescent  as usual). Bus replacements will also run between Salford Crescent, Salford Central, and Victoria.

The train departure/arrival times shown on National Rail Enquiries appear to be very similar to our regular timetable, but things may change and we always advise passengers to check online before travelling.


Victoria closure – Sunday services diverted to Oxford Road

January 24, 2016

From today Victoria station will be closed for the next 12 Sundays for engineering work connected with the Ordsall Chord (the new piece of track that will allow trains to run directly from Victoria to Piccadilly via Salford Central and Deansgate).

Walkden’s hourly daytime service will continue to operate but starting and finishing at Oxford Road instead of Victoria.

Bus replacements will operate between Salford Crescent and Victoria for anyone needing to get to Victoria – but bear in mind connecting services from Victoria will also be affected by the closure.

As always we recommend checking National Rail Enquiries before you travel.