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Lucky Swinton gets £50,000 investment

February 11, 2008

You may have seen the article in last week’s Salford Advertiser about the £50,000 grant that GMPTE have secured from the Department of Transport for improvements to Swinton station. No-one could deny Swinton needs improvement, but FOWS are at a loss to understand how Swinton was prioritised above Walkden when:

  • Walkden has many more passengers than Swinton
  • Walkden is missing all the same facilities that Swinton is missing
  • Walkden has more steps to the platform
  • Walkden does not have a pedestrian crossing outside
  • Walkden doesn’t even have a front door to secure it at night !

This comes on top of last year’s announcement of GMPTE grants to Bolton and Wigan councils to improve facilities at stations between Atherton and Wigan.

FOWS are writing to GMPTE to ask for an explanation of their priorities for local stations.


How train travel ought to be …

February 10, 2008

The Spanish high-speed rail network is growing rapidly and offers a service that is barely-imaginable for hard-pressed UK travellers: 220mph trains, reasonable fares, a high-speed network that will eventually have a station within 30 miles of home for 90% of the population … and full refunds if the train is 10 minutes late !

Take a look at this recent Guardian article for the full story on what modern railways can be like with sufficient investment.


Litter Bins Wrecked Again

February 5, 2008

Both litter bins are currently missing from the station.

Come on kids, this is getting boring now.


Have even more say on public transport in Salford !

February 5, 2008
GMPTE logo Following on from the recent post about GMPTE Public Transport Surgeries, GMPTE also has a dedicated “Consultation Team” to liase with the travelling public.Anyone can sign up to the Consultation Panel on GMPTE’s website where you register to participate in surveys and receive a newsletter reporting the impact of panel members’ input.

Again, it’s a golden opportunity to get your views on local transport issues heard at GMPTE and we urge anyone with an interest in services from Walkden station to get involved.