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FOWS keep up the good work … now it’s Network Rail’s turn !

August 24, 2008

This morning FOWS volunteers have been tidying and weeding the station. Picking up the remains of other folks’ suppers and cleaning curry sauce from the walls is not a lot of fun, but FOWS give their time freely just to try and make the station something to be proud of.

Their dedication contrasts with neglect of the station owners Network Rail … the station roof has been leaking for months, the internal walls are stained and filthy, paintwork in the entrance hall is many years old and peeling, there are even plants growing from the upper reaches of the walls and rotting roof !

Meanwhile up on the platform the stepping gap remains dangerously and uncomfortably large, and there’s no sign of progress on the platform lengthening works that Network Rail agreed to assess several months ago.

FOWS call on Network Rail to get their act together at Walkden and start taking better care of their property.


Canopy repainting is completed

August 16, 2008

The repainting of the station canopy has been completed and has massively improved the appearance of the platform area. There are pictures of the freshly painted scene on the Pictures page of our website.

Most of the pillars (which are hollow and act as gutter downpipes) have been unblocked, but there is still some overflow on the third pillar on the Manchester platform where rust is already begining to run down over the fresh paint. FOWS have alerted Northern Rail who have asked their contractors to make good the repairs.

We don’t want to be churlish after such a splendid job has been made of the platform, but what a shame the good work wasn’t continued down the stairway and booking hall. These areas remain an eyesore and desperately need renovation.


FOWS on short-list for national award

August 7, 2008

FOWS are delighted to have been short-listed for the Best Station Adoption Group at this year’s ACoRP Community Rail Awards. To have reached the short-list of 5 in Britain’s most prestigious, national community rail awards ceremony is quite an achievement for a group just over a year old.

FOWS’ competition entry was endorsed by Northern Rail, showing the strength of the working relationship we have with the train operator.

Our nomination recognised both the practical improvements we have made on the station itself, and our efforts to involve community groups and local politicians with the station (something that we would like to do much more of in the coming year).

The other groups on the national short-list are Brierfield in Lancashire, Leamington Spa, Bruton (Dorset), and Christchurch (also Dorset).

The award winners will be announced at the ACoRP Community Rail conference on September 19th.