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Art project creators re-united at Walkden

May 18, 2017


Friends and supporters met at Walkden yesterday to formally celebrate the installation of our station art work with artist Mark Mennell, students from Salford City College, and representatives from Northern.

It was a chance for our members to thank the young people who helped produce the beautiful designs, and for many of the contributors who made the project possible to celebrate its successful completion.


Andy Barlow (Chair FoWS), Vicky Cropper (Community and Sustainability Manager, Northern), Nicola Worthington (Salford City College) and Mark Mennell (artist) beside a panel commemorating the old signal box at Walkden (and the day a Deltic visited Walkden in 1981!)


Walkden station gardens get a spring clean

May 7, 2017

1-DSCN5154A big thank you to our FoWS volunteers who’ve been weeding, pruning, sweeping, planting, and generally tidying up the flower beds and planters at Walkden this morning: Kathy, Harry, Mike, Peter, Andy, Angela and Neil

Thanks also to the guys at the Car Wash for topping up our watering cans during this hot, dry spell – very community spirited of you ūüôā

Certainly more public spirited than the lady passenger who didn’t mind that sitting on the planters has damaged some plants because “I didn’t ask you to” put plants here!

Quite right ma’am – in fact nobody asked us to do it. We just thought it would make the station a nicer place for passengers like you to enjoy while¬†waiting for their train.


Rhododendron planter: dedicated to the lady who never asked for it


Artwork installed!

May 3, 2017

We are delighted to announce that Mark Mennell and the team from Carillion have installed our 10 art panels at the station this morning. We hope you will agree they make a huge, positive difference to the appearance and experience of using the station!

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to our financial donors – Salford City Council’s Recycle and Reward Scheme, Little Hulton and Walkden Community Committee, and Arriva Trains North.

Also thanks to the artist Mark Mennell and the students at Salford City College who assisted in the designs, Fay Flatt from Salford’s Neighbourhood team, and everyone at Northern who helped make this possible – principally Vicky Cropper, Lydia Hayes, Matthew Worman and Joan Nickson.




Walkden art work complete – installation will be soon

April 22, 2017

Artist Mark Mennell has completed production of the art work for Walkden station and we are now just waiting for an installation date to be agreed with Northern (who are very kindly installing the work for free).

We look forward to announcing the actual installation date very soon and hope all station users will enjoy the 10 lovely pieces that Mark has designed for us.


Walkden station artworks … a sneak preview

April 1, 2017

We are delighted to offer a sneak preview of a couple of the draft designs that artist Mark Mennell has produced for FoWS.

The designs form part of a series of 8 steel panels that will be attached to the walls of the stairway at the station.

We think the designs, produced by Mark in collaboration with Art & Design students at Salford City College are gorgeous and can’t wait to see them installed – hopefully in the not too distant future.

The Walkden station art project has been made possible with¬†generous financial assistance¬†from Salford City Council‘s Community Committee and Recycle/Reward programmes, and Arriva Rail¬†North‘s Community Rail programme.




FOWS give station a tidy up

August 21, 2016

Weeded and re-stocked troughs

Thanks to our volunteers who were out in the rain this morning to give the station some TLC.

Our team weeded the beds and planters, replaced a few poorly plants, ripped up platform weeds, and did a litter pick down Park Road and the surrounding area.


Foliage and litter removed from in and around the station

We removed 5 large bags of vegetation and 1 bin bag of litter.

We hope you agree it looks a bit tidier in and around the station (for a little while at least !)


Plants on the Wigan platform after a haircut !


Station tidy up

May 9, 2016

A peoris in bloom on the platform

Thanks to our small band of volunteers who gave up a couple of hours on Sunday morning to weed the planters and flower beds, and plant some new flowers to plug a few gaps where plants had died off or been damaged.

We also litter-picked the streets¬†outside the station ¬†… although it was disappointing to see a fresh collection of sweet wrappers and crisp packets blowing down Park Road this evening ūüė¶


Bamboo and some newly planted flowers



White daffofils, helebores and bluebells on the Manchester platform