Gardening Gets Underway !

Getting started

Getting started on a wet and windy Sunday morning !

FOWS volunteers gardening

Volunteers at work on the new flower bed 

FOWS gardeners

FOWS volunteers by the new flower bed

New Flower Bed

The newly planted flower bed on the Wigan platform

FOWS volunteers have planted up  a new flower bed on the Wigan platform at Walkden station.

Re-using an existing but disused flowerbed next to the entrance stairway wall, FOWS have planted hardy shrubs (holly, pieris, acuba, and lavender), winter flowers (pansies and cyclamen), and spring-flowering bluebells and summer-flowering crocosmia and daisies.

FOWS wish to thank Salford City Council for the community grant which has funded the soil, compost and many of the plants (with the remainder donated by FOWS members).

FOWS also plan to renovate the disused flower bed on the Manchester platform, and – if we are successful in getting the platform barrier moved back – will seek to include some garden features in the extended length of platform.

If you are able to donate any plants for future works, please contact us at friends@walkdenstation.org.uk


One comment

  1. beds look nice, shame no money in pot for improvements to Walkden station; great potential…overlooked by our short sighted, short termist leaders….

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