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Art work back on display

November 11, 2017

Poster1cPoster2cThank you to Northern and maintenance contractors Carillion for repairing the recently vandalised poster case at the station. The posters made by Salford City College students are back on display.


Cable theft woes hit Walkden

July 26, 2012

Were you affected by the cancellations this Tuesday morning caused by another incidence of cable theft ?

This modern curse is still all too common, despite the extensive technological measures Network Rail are implementing around the network.

Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like the bus replacements were adequate for the numbers of passengers affected: this Bolton Evening News story claims only one Manchester-bound bus between 0730 and 0930, predictably too full for anyone to board at Walkden.



CCTV Breakthrough

August 26, 2010
Passengers frustrated by the vandalism and graffiti inflicted on Walkden station this summer will be pleased to hear a breakthrough deal has been struck between Northern Rail, GMPTE, and Salford City Council‘s Neighbourhood Team which should see temporary CCTV fitted by Northern Rail in the next few weeks. A permanent system from GMPTE should follow soon after.
FOWS are delighted that passenger safety, and security of the station itself, will benefit from CCTV coverage, and wish to thank all the parties above – plus British Transport Police – for the way they’ve joined forces to find a solution at a time when – as everyone knows – money is very tight.

Plant thefts and anti-social behaviour at Walkden

August 7, 2010

The platform planters with a peoris - since stolen - at the start of summer

As you probably noticed the station had a rough time in June and July with repeated graffiti attacks and plant thefts. In July alone we reported 11 separate incidents and had over £100-worth of plants taken.

Thankfully the British Transport Police responded energetically to the problems and have charged 3 people for criminal damage.

The gaps in our flower beds and planters where stolen shrubs, grasses and flowers stood will remain for the time being. We’ve had so many previous replacements stolen that we’re holding off now until CCTV is installed. Discussions are underway between Salford City Council, Northern Rail, and GMPTE, and we hope there’ll be some good news to announce on that front soon.

In the meantime, if you see anyone stealing plants, damaging the station, or acting suspiciously – please call British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40


Vandals strike again – police hunting for culprits

July 12, 2010

Sad to say the station continues to be subject to mindless vandalism and graffiti. One of our Salford In Bloom planters is the latest casualty – stupidly set on fire.

Beside the obvious loss of a pleasant feature from the station, the arsonists took a huge risk starting a fire so close to the wooden fence and expanse of dry grass beyond.

British Transport Police are investigating the arson with the help of several other agencies.

This latest incident reinforces FOWS’ view that the station needs CCTV protection for the benefit of passengers, staff and property. Hundreds of pounds have been spent this year alone making good damaged and stolen property, and passengers tell us how much safer they would feel if CCTV cameras covered the station.

Come on Northern/GMPTE – we’re doing our bit to try and improve the station, but it needs CCTV protection !


Vandalism and theft continues

July 5, 2010
Sad to report the station has been subject to numerous acts of petty theft and vandalism over the last few weeks – graffiti, damage to property, theft of plants etc. The weekend saw another bout of graffiti – this time on the new sheets in the platform shelter.
British Transport Police are watching the station more carefully and have stepped up the frequency of their patrols. We are very grateful for their support but know they can’t be there all of the time. We believe CCTV is long overdue at the station but neither Northern Rail nor GMPTE will commit to its installation, despite the mounting bills for repairing and cleaning up the damage.

More cable theft misery for commuters

February 27, 2010

Cable thieves caused misery for commuters again on Friday morning when trains were left stranded in Northern Rail’s Newton Heath depot by the theft of signalling cable from the depot area.

Many morning rush-hour services were cancalled and others over-crowded as a result.

On the 0737 from Walkden I counted over 180 passengers disembarking at Salford Central and Victoria – an incredible number for a 2-carriage Pacer train.