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Car park plan revealed for Walkden station

December 3, 2016

stationcarparknews002We were delighted with the confirmation this week that Salford City Council have agreed to make the old council depot site on Chestnut Lane available to TfGM as a dedicated station car and bicycle park.

With the disruption caused to our neighbours by on-street parking, and the ever increasing problem of congestion-related pollution, we believe this is great news for passengers and residents alike.

FoWS have been working with TfGM and local councillors to bring this to fruition, and we want to say a huge “Thank You” to everyone who’s helped to make it happen.

Keeping public land in public ownership and utilising it for public good is not an easy trick to pull off these days, so a special thank you to City Mayor Paul Dennett, Walkden councillors Richard Critchley, Iain Lindley, and Roger Jones, and Owain Roberts from the Rail Team at TfGM !


FoWS respond to TfGM’s 2040 strategy consultation

October 8, 2016

Transport for Greater Manchester have recently run a consultation period on their “2040 vision” – the long-term plan for public transport in the Manchester region.

The FOWS Response to TfGM 2040 Strategy Consultation breaks down our hopes for improvements into achievable near, mid, and long-term goals that will deliver a step change to public transport in our busy and rapidly growing district.

Ultimately we want to see Walkden operating as a transport hub for north-west Salford with light-rail, bus, tram, and cycle facilities incorporated in an integrated exchange. Our proposal is perhaps more ambitious than TfGM’s but we feel that considering the ever-increasing housing and associated congestion in the area an integrated hub is not only justified but essential.


“VH2” Walkden circular bus service launched

July 25, 2016

A minibus operated by Diamond Buses has recently started running a circular route linking Walkden station with the town centre and Hilton Lane.

At first the service was not well-publicised but full details are now available from the TfGM bus timetable library.

The service is provided as part of the Burgess Farm planning permission and will run for 5 years.

Reflecting the bus’ primary purpose of serving commuters on the new housing estate, from 7am until noon it runs in anti-clockwise from Hilton Lane to the station and town centre. After noon the direction of travel is reversed.

Fares are:

  • Adult: 50p Single or £1 Day Return
  • Under 16’s: 25p Single or 50p Day Return

VH2 route

(route map copyright TfGM)

VH2 timetable


Ordsall Chord and Northern Hub info

July 2, 2016

If you’ve heard talk of the “Ordsall Chord” and “Northern Hub” plans for our local railway network and wondered what it’s about you may be interested in some videos from Network Rail explaining the Network Rail video of recent works at Victoria and showing a computer generated “fly-through” of the extra platforms and tracks that will be added between Piccadilly and Oxford Road.

While good for the wider region there is still uncertainty whether local services will be net winners or losers from the project … direct trains between Victoria and Piccadilly will no doubt be a boon to passengers travelling south with luggage, but it seems unlikely Walkden will gain direct services to Piccadilly (the new track will be busy with trains coming in from further afield) and we may see more congestion getting into and out of the Salford area as more trains pass through.

FoWS are campaigning for local interests to be protected by TfGM and Northern when the Ordsall Chord is opened.


AGM Agenda published

April 19, 2016

The agenda for our forthcoming AGM on 10th May is now available for download.

We’re delighted to welcome special guests from Northern, Transport for Greater Manchester, Salford’s Neighbourhood team, and Worsley Civic Trust. There will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

In addition to learning about Arriva Rail North’s plans for improving the trains and services, we are also pleased to welcome the artist Mark Mennell who has recently worked with Friends of Patricroft Station to install some beautiful panels illustrating the area’s local history. Mark will help us come up with ideas for bringing some tailor-made art to Walkden station too.

All our meetings including the AGM are open to the public, and we welcome everyone with an interest in helping us improve the station.


Steep rises in evening ticket prices ahead

August 16, 2014

Northern Rail have responded to Government pressure to increase revenue by raising fares for afternoon/evening journeys.

From September 8th passengers will need to buy more expensive “Anytime” tickets to travel in Greater Manchester between 16.01 and 18.29. The restrictions apply to all travel – not just the direction of peak flow – and also extend beyond the Greater Manchester boundary to a confusing selection of other routes.

At Walkden we are perhaps fortunate that the popular 18.30 service into Manchester leaves just one minute after the new “peak” time so still remains eligible for off-peak tickets.

However, if you make an evening trip into Manchester from Walkden on the 16.29, 16.49, 17.29 or 17.52 services you will need to buy a £6.80 Anytime Return after Sept. 8th, a 76% increase over the £3.90 Off Peak return.

For passengers returning to Walkden after a day in Manchester, the 16.14, 16.46, 17.17, 17.47, and 18.14 departures from Victoria will all be unusable unless you buy an Anytime ticket.

To add to travellers’ misery, the popular Cheap Evening Return tickets will also scrapped doubling the evening return fare from Walkden to Manchester from £1.95 to £3.90 – so much for the government wanting to encourage people off the roads !

The move is bound to be deeply unpopular with passengers who have faced above-inflation fare increases for many years, and has drawn criticism from consumer protection groups like Passenger Focus and Travel Watch NorthWest.

As well as hitting people’s wallets the changes seems sure to introduce more yet confusion and difficulty for Northern’s front-line staff who will have the unenviable job of enforcing the increases.

The question should also be asked whether the move will even achieve its objective as on many routes (Walkden to Manchester included) bus services are available that will offer a more frequent and – after these price rises – cheaper alternative .


FOWS team up with Hindley and Westhoughton

February 12, 2014

FOWS have teamed up with the Friends groups at Hindley and Westhoughton to share best practice and pool our efforts towards common objectives.

At a meeting in the Bull’s Head at Walkden last night, the committees of each group, enthusiastically supported by officers from TfGM and Northern Rail, agreed to form a Steering Group to help the volunteers from different stations work better together. The Steering Group will meet quarterly to discuss developments affecting the Walkden and Westhoughton lines, and share tips on fund-raising, generating publicity, and developing the station environments. We also intend to help new Friends groups get established – like the newly formed Friends of Daisy Hill.

Friends of Hindley Station, as many Walkden passengers will have been delighted to observe, have made an outstanding improvement to the gardens and platforms at their station. Although the Friends of Westhoughton have been established for less than 2 years they’ve already transformed the overgrown cutting sides into beautiful wild flower and rose gardens.