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Have you been sardined ?

December 9, 2012

If you’ve travelled on evening or Saturday services recently there’s a fair chance you’ve witnessed the over-crowding that’s resulting from the number of shoppers and revellers travelling to and from town. No-one could deny it’s caused some pretty serious over-crowding issues as Northern Rail don’t seem to have enough carriages to cope with the surge, and some would-be passengers have suffered the inconvenience of not being able to board their train at all.

There don’t seem to be any easy solutions here, but there are some things we can – and definitely should not – do when over-crowding strikes:

1 – Don’t take it out on the local Northern Rail staff. If you take the time to speak to them you’ll find they’re exasperated by the situation and powerless to change it. They’re having to deal with unprecedented numbers of travellers and a totally unacceptable level of abuse.

2 – Do make a formal complaint to Northern Rail. It won’t magic up an extra carriage next week but it will make sure that bosses at the top of Northern Rail, and the Department of Transport who allocate carriages to the train companies, know what’s going on here. In the longer term, given the odd way that the government runs railways in this country, this is the way to make sure local problems get noticed at national level as complaint statistics are measured for each train company and route.  You can ask for a complaint form at any manned station or use the contact details below.

Make sure you clearly state you are making a complaint or else it will just get counted as a “comment” (!)

Telephone: 0845 00 00 125

Textphone: 08456 045 608
(Calls are charged at local rates for these numbers from anywhere in Britain)


Customer Relations Department,
Northern Rail Limited,
PO Box 208,
LS1 2BU.


Safety boost as extra CCTV cameras installed

September 15, 2011

 FOWS have welcomed Northern Rail’s recent improvements to passenger security at Walkden as the number of CCTV cameras operating at the station has more than doubled.

The first cameras at Walkden, a temporary system, was installed in summer 2010 thanks to a link-up between FOWS, Northern Rail and Salford City Council, and led to a dramatic reduction in the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour. Now we’re delighted that Northern Rail have taken the solution a step further with an extra 4 cameras covering previously exposed areas, and allowing clear views of everyone entering or exiting the station.

Meanwhile work on installing Customer Information Screens is understood to be progressing, with the screens expected to be fitted in the next few weeks.


Help stop Cable Theft disruption – Sign the petition!

August 24, 2011

Railway cable theft is a huge problem and causes massive disruption to passengers – and sadly it’s been a particular problem in the great cities of the north.

Here is a link to an e-petition asking Parliament to consider introducing legislation aimed at making cash transactions at scrap metal dealers illegal. This would help enormously in the battle against cable and metal theft as it would ensure both a paper and electronic trail on all transactions. The petition requires a minimum of 10,000 signatures before it will be considered by Parliament.


Bluebells bloom … thief returns

April 29, 2011

 The bluebells have burst into spectacular bloom in the FOWS gardens at Walkden station, but unfortunately our sneak thief has also returned and helped themselves to some bedding plants and the young peoris we planted in the third planter down the platform. We’ll replace that with something else today – although our stocks of decent looking plants are running low 😦


Priddy new flowers, we try again …

March 26, 2011

After some miserable soul helped themselves to half a dozen new flowers from the station last weekend FOWS volunteers have plugged the gaps with flowers purchased by themselves.
It’s very sad anyone would want to take the flowers which give pleasure to so many, just for their own greedy possession. Discussions with council crime officers and police suggest that flowers in the local parks and street planters are generally safer, so we suspect we’re looking for one lone individual who frequents the station.
We appeal to all passengers to help keep the station looking attractive by keeping an eye out for anyone interfering with the flower beds or planters – thanks !


Return of the Walkden plant miser

February 13, 2011

Dwarf conifer - before it was stolen this weekend

For all passengers who have enjoyed seeing the beautiful dwarf conifer in the planter at the east end of the platform, we are sorry to report the return of miserly plant thief or thieves who plagued the station last summer.

The conifer – a generous donation from Pam Williams at Northern Rail – was stolen this weekend. The neatly dug hole and lack of spilt soil is a clear sign the plant was deliberately taken rather than casually ripped out by a vandal.

British Transport Police have been informed.


E-fit picture released of man wanted by BTP

October 16, 2010

British Transport Police have released an “e-fit” picture of a man wanted in connection with a sexual assault on a Wigan-bound train in September.

Please see the BTP Press Centre Website for the picture and details of the assault which took place on a Friday afternoon between Atherton and Daisy Hill.