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Ooh … even more cameras !

September 18, 2011

Some of the new CCTV cameras at Walkden station

What a nice surprise to spot even more new cameras on the outside of the canopy at the Manchester end of the platform !

Well done Northern for fitting providing the station with such comprehensive CCTV coverage 🙂


Safety boost as extra CCTV cameras installed

September 15, 2011

 FOWS have welcomed Northern Rail’s recent improvements to passenger security at Walkden as the number of CCTV cameras operating at the station has more than doubled.

The first cameras at Walkden, a temporary system, was installed in summer 2010 thanks to a link-up between FOWS, Northern Rail and Salford City Council, and led to a dramatic reduction in the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour. Now we’re delighted that Northern Rail have taken the solution a step further with an extra 4 cameras covering previously exposed areas, and allowing clear views of everyone entering or exiting the station.

Meanwhile work on installing Customer Information Screens is understood to be progressing, with the screens expected to be fitted in the next few weeks.


Little Hulton and Walkden Community Committee – Thank You !

February 3, 2011

FOWS wish to say a big, sincere, and public “Thank You !” to Salford City Council and the Community Committee for Little Hulton and Walkden.

The committee – who have previously assisted FOWS with grants for our station greening activities – have provided a substantial 4-figure grant towards the cost of the CCTV cameras which now keep watch over the station. The grant – a matching contribution in a project jointly funded by Northern Rail – is quite simply the difference between Walkden having CCTV cameras or not, and we would like to thank the committee members, community workers, and staff at Northern Rail who have all pulled together to make this long-awaited improvement possible.

Anyone who is familiar with the spate of almost daily vandalism and theft which plagued the station last summer will recognise instantly what a positive difference the cameras have made. They also contribute substantially to passengers’ feelings of safety and security while on the station, and this in turn feeds a virtuous circle of more people using the trains.

With the DfT funded station improvements for Walkden on indefinite hold the grant for the cameras is even more valuable – it’s anybody’s guess how long we would have had to wait for them otherwise.


CCTV is here !

September 15, 2010

We are delighted that Northern Rail have completed installation of CCTV cameras on the platforms and in the booking hall of the station today, and hope this will lead to a reduction in anti-social behaviour at the station, and a better feeling of security for all travellers.

Our sincere thanks to Northern Rail, Salford Council’s Neighbourhood Team, British Transport Police, and GMPTE who have acted together quickly to put this solution in place.


CCTV Breakthrough

August 26, 2010
Passengers frustrated by the vandalism and graffiti inflicted on Walkden station this summer will be pleased to hear a breakthrough deal has been struck between Northern Rail, GMPTE, and Salford City Council‘s Neighbourhood Team which should see temporary CCTV fitted by Northern Rail in the next few weeks. A permanent system from GMPTE should follow soon after.
FOWS are delighted that passenger safety, and security of the station itself, will benefit from CCTV coverage, and wish to thank all the parties above – plus British Transport Police – for the way they’ve joined forces to find a solution at a time when – as everyone knows – money is very tight.

Plant thefts and anti-social behaviour at Walkden

August 7, 2010

The platform planters with a peoris - since stolen - at the start of summer

As you probably noticed the station had a rough time in June and July with repeated graffiti attacks and plant thefts. In July alone we reported 11 separate incidents and had over £100-worth of plants taken.

Thankfully the British Transport Police responded energetically to the problems and have charged 3 people for criminal damage.

The gaps in our flower beds and planters where stolen shrubs, grasses and flowers stood will remain for the time being. We’ve had so many previous replacements stolen that we’re holding off now until CCTV is installed. Discussions are underway between Salford City Council, Northern Rail, and GMPTE, and we hope there’ll be some good news to announce on that front soon.

In the meantime, if you see anyone stealing plants, damaging the station, or acting suspiciously – please call British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40


Vandalism and theft continues

July 5, 2010
Sad to report the station has been subject to numerous acts of petty theft and vandalism over the last few weeks – graffiti, damage to property, theft of plants etc. The weekend saw another bout of graffiti – this time on the new sheets in the platform shelter.
British Transport Police are watching the station more carefully and have stepped up the frequency of their patrols. We are very grateful for their support but know they can’t be there all of the time. We believe CCTV is long overdue at the station but neither Northern Rail nor GMPTE will commit to its installation, despite the mounting bills for repairing and cleaning up the damage.