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Rail Infrastructure Update for Walkden and local stations

February 4, 2012

TfGM’s Capital Projects and Policy Committee’s latest Rail Infrastructure Report includes some interesting stories for passengers travelling around our area, including these selected highlights:

  • Walkden: Is currently ranked 4th in TfGM’s priority list for providing disabled access. A plan to provide step-free access has been costed at £900,000 but unfortunately funding has not been secured and no date has been set for the work.
  • Wigan Wallgate: a £0.5m scheme to upgrade the station this spring/summer will provide improvements to the booking hall including a new ceiling; dual height ticket counters; information boards; reconfigured queuing area; and barriers. There will be a new roller shutter to the stairs. At platform level the scope includes toilet refurbishment; enhanced waiting facilities; additional CIS; improved signage; and the introduction of additional seating to platforms. External to the station, cobbles within the pick-up drop off area will be reset and signage attached to the canopy supports rationalised.
  • Manchester Victoria:  work is already in progress to provide upgraded waiting facilities, enhanced lighting on Platforms 3-6, help points, CCTV cameras, cycle parking hoops, and refurbishment of the existing toilets (the new ones opened at last this week – hurrah !)
  • Manchester Victoria:  looking further ahead (2014) Victoria will benefit from a multi-million pound scheme to renovate the decaying roof. English Heritage are involved in the project design so it is to be hoped the station’s lovely architectural features (the tiled network map, 3 war memorials, iron canopy, etc) will be preserved.
  • Salford Central: The basic platform facilities and high-stepping distance are recognised and should be fixed by plans to enhance the platforms and canopies. Provided funding can be found this project will be delivered by 2015.
  •  Salford Crescent: Network Rail are currently in the design and consultation phase of a project to enhance the passenger facilities  with the main features being:
    1. platform lengthening works to accommodate six car trains;
    2. de-clutter and the provision of a canopy the full length of the island platform to protect waiting passengers from the elements;
    3. a new ticket office adjacent to Windsor Bridge by the A6;
    4. a bridge from the ticket office on the A6 to steps and a lift to platform level enabling removal of the existing stepped ramp.

Train Running Information panels installed

December 3, 2011

We are delighted the electronic information boards are now up and running, showing what time the next train is due in each direction, and which stations it calls at.

We’re sure this will be a great asset for regular and occasional users of the station alike, and would like to thank GMITA and Northern Rail for making this improvement.


Platform lengthening under way

October 8, 2011

As you may have seen work has started this week on the disused section of platform beyond the wooden fence at the east end of Walkden station. In fact I should say the former wooden fence as it’s already been removed, along with the vegetation that has colonised the platform over the last few decades.

We understand the work is in preparation for the longer (4 carriage) trains that will start to use the station on a more regular basis from December (see previous blog entry for more details).

On the subject of the longer trains, we have now been told by Northern that fewer services are going to benefit. The latest plan shows just the following trains to be lengthened:

  • 0715 Wigan W – Stalybridge (0738 from Walkden)
  • 1600 Southport-Huddersfield (1650 from Walkden)
  • 1710 Man Vic – Kirkby (1731 from Walkden)

Naturally we are hoping that more services will benefit as originally planned by TfGM, and we are seeking confirmation from Northern Rail.



Northern Hub and Ordsall Chord update

April 30, 2011

There’s an update on the plans for the Northern Hub and Ordsall (linking Salford Central station with Deansgate) and progress of electrification around the region in the minutes of this TfGM Committee Meeting.


Transport for Greater Manchester – the new name for GMPTE

April 29, 2011

As of this month the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive has a new name – Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) – and takes on some additional responsibilities.

TfGM retains GMPTE’s control over bus and rail subsidy and service planning, ownership of the Metrolink, but takes on strategic transport planning to include the road network too. We understand one of the objectives is to make the organisation into more of a co-ordinated transport planning hub along the lines of London’s generally admired TfL (Transport for London).

There are more details about the changes on this post from Inside the M60.


Station improvements delayed but on track for this summer – great news from GMPTE at FOWS AGM

March 5, 2011

The FOWS AGM gets under way at Walkden Legion Club (photo courtesy of Eden Photography)

The audience at Wednesday’s AGM heard from representatives from GMPTE and Northern Rail about future plans for rail in the Manchester area, and Walkden in particular.

One especially good piece of news reported by GMPTE’s Steve Magner was that the Station Improvement Strategy plans – previously thought to have been stalled by DfT spending cuts – are going ahead within the next 6 months. This plan should see various enhancements to the station including train-running information screens (like those at Swinton and Atherton), a Help Point, and improved road-signage toward the station. Great news 🙂

During an interesting talk on GMPTE’s objectives for rail, Guest Speaker Stephen Clark observed how well aligned GMPTE and FOWS objectives are in areas like improving Sunday services, reducing over-crowding, improving car parking and pedestrian safety, and urged FOWS to continue their close working partnership with GMPTE.

Marion is presented with a bouquet from FOWS (photo courtesy of Eden Photography)

During the AGM a fond farewell was also said to much-loved Marion Bainbridge, and she was presented with a bouquet and gift voucher from FOWS members. We wish Marion a very happy retirement and are delighted that she has joined FOWS now that her official role at the station is over !

The full minutes of the AGM will be published on this blog shortly.


AGM Agenda available now

February 26, 2011

The agenda for the FOWS annual general meeting can now be downloaded here.

The meeting is open to all members of the public and we hope lots of passengers will come along to hear our guest speaker Stephen Clark (Rail Director of GMPTE), bid a fond farewell to Marion who retires on Monday, and generally help participate in FOWS’ planning for the year ahead.

The meeting will start at 7.15pm on Wednesday (2nd March) at the Walkden Legion Club on Wilfred Road … we hope to see you there !