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Station improvements delayed but on track for this summer – great news from GMPTE at FOWS AGM

March 5, 2011

The FOWS AGM gets under way at Walkden Legion Club (photo courtesy of Eden Photography)

The audience at Wednesday’s AGM heard from representatives from GMPTE and Northern Rail about future plans for rail in the Manchester area, and Walkden in particular.

One especially good piece of news reported by GMPTE’s Steve Magner was that the Station Improvement Strategy plans – previously thought to have been stalled by DfT spending cuts – are going ahead within the next 6 months. This plan should see various enhancements to the station including train-running information screens (like those at Swinton and Atherton), a Help Point, and improved road-signage toward the station. Great news 🙂

During an interesting talk on GMPTE’s objectives for rail, Guest Speaker Stephen Clark observed how well aligned GMPTE and FOWS objectives are in areas like improving Sunday services, reducing over-crowding, improving car parking and pedestrian safety, and urged FOWS to continue their close working partnership with GMPTE.

Marion is presented with a bouquet from FOWS (photo courtesy of Eden Photography)

During the AGM a fond farewell was also said to much-loved Marion Bainbridge, and she was presented with a bouquet and gift voucher from FOWS members. We wish Marion a very happy retirement and are delighted that she has joined FOWS now that her official role at the station is over !

The full minutes of the AGM will be published on this blog shortly.


Motorist beware – new parking restrictions coming on Park Road

January 14, 2009

We have been informed that Salford City Council will shortly commence work on the notorious accident blackspot that is the Park Road/Walkden Road mini-roundabout.

Among the changes are double-yellow lines along Park Road – a popular parking spot for station users. While we understand the reduced congestion will improve the quality of life for residents, it will also make parking harder for rail users.

We have been advised the new parking restrictions will be rigorously enforced by traffic wardens.

FOWS have pointed out to the council the unfairness of restricting parking without making any alternate provision – and this at a time when the council is supposedly promoting public transport use !

Among the other changes planned are road and pavement resurfacing, and the installation of new bollards and railings.

FOWS’s calls for a pedestrian crossing were rejected by the council for fear of the delays it would cause for motorists.


Pedestrian Crossing campaign continues

April 22, 2008

One of FOWS concerns is the dangerous and thoroughly unpleasant road crossing that passengers face under the bridge immediately outside the station. Over the last year we’ve been in discussion with Salford Council about affordable measures to improve the situation and we were pleased when they recently agreed to send a survey team to monitor the number of people crossing the road outside the station.

The survey was conducted yesterday, and while it offers no guarantee that a crossing will be built (that will depend on the results of the survey and numerous other road planning considerations), we applaud the council for having taken this important step forward.


Lucky Swinton gets £50,000 investment

February 11, 2008

You may have seen the article in last week’s Salford Advertiser about the £50,000 grant that GMPTE have secured from the Department of Transport for improvements to Swinton station. No-one could deny Swinton needs improvement, but FOWS are at a loss to understand how Swinton was prioritised above Walkden when:

  • Walkden has many more passengers than Swinton
  • Walkden is missing all the same facilities that Swinton is missing
  • Walkden has more steps to the platform
  • Walkden does not have a pedestrian crossing outside
  • Walkden doesn’t even have a front door to secure it at night !

This comes on top of last year’s announcement of GMPTE grants to Bolton and Wigan councils to improve facilities at stations between Atherton and Wigan.

FOWS are writing to GMPTE to ask for an explanation of their priorities for local stations.


FOWS campaign for improved pedestrian safety

January 3, 2008

You may have seen the article in this week’s Salford Advertiser (“Campaigners fight for a safe crossing”) reporting on our recent meeting with Salford Council planners and the Walkden Road Traders Group to discuss road safety improvements around the Walkden Road/Park Road accident blackspot.

FOWS have asked for a pedestrian crossing to assist the hundreds of station users who face the daily peril of crossing two busy roads outside the station entrance. As any regular station user will know, the dingey under-bridge conditions and proximity of the mini-roundabout make it difficult for pedestrians to catch drivers’ attention, and getting over the road to or from the station can be a dangerous enterprise.

Salford have listened to our concerns, and are currently costing up several options.