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Car park plan revealed for Walkden station

December 3, 2016

stationcarparknews002We were delighted with the confirmation this week that Salford City Council have agreed to make the old council depot site on Chestnut Lane available to TfGM as a dedicated station car and bicycle park.

With the disruption caused to our neighbours by on-street parking, and the ever increasing problem of congestion-related pollution, we believe this is great news for passengers and residents alike.

FoWS have been working with TfGM and local councillors to bring this to fruition, and we want to say a huge “Thank You” to everyone who’s helped to make it happen.

Keeping public land in public ownership and utilising it for public good is not an easy trick to pull off these days, so a special thank you to City Mayor Paul Dennett, Walkden councillors Richard Critchley, Iain Lindley, and Roger Jones, and Owain Roberts from the Rail Team at TfGM !


Northern’s new fault reporting service

July 11, 2016

Did you know that a new online fault reporting service has been set up by Northern ?

To report a fault with a station or train, or complain about a poor journey experience, head to Northern fault reporting online

At FoWS we have already used the service to get the weeds cleared off the platform and were pleased the job was done in a matter of days. Next we’ll see if we can get something done about the state of the walls which the last few station managers have failed to address …



Spread the word … Walkden station is on the up !

August 25, 2013

The newly resurfaced platforms don’t just look good – they’re also higher than the old ones and that’s great news for everyone who used to struggle with the large step between the platform and trains.

We know that some people stopped using the station in recent years because of the big gap, and maybe they don’t know about the new platforms yet.

So why not to help to spread the word … Walkden station is (literally) on the up !



Platform 1 re-opens and the dreaded gap is gone !

July 29, 2013

Great news !

Platform 1 has re-opened today with a smart new red-brick surface and – crucially – the gap between platform and train is much reduced. We await feedback from passengers about whether they feel the reduced gap is small enough, but certainly our impression is that the problem has been solved – a great outcome to a 5 year campaign !

Judging from the recent rate of progress, we can expect Platform 2 to be re-open, also at a raised height, within the next week or so.


Café Relish Joins FOWS Rail Discount Scheme

March 31, 2012

We are delighted to announce that Café Relish is the latest addition to our station users’ discount scheme, joining our friends at Cafe Chino and Crumbs.

Mehran and the team are offering a 10% discount on their regular menu’s food and drink prices (excluding already discounted specials).

To enjoy a snack at the discount price, simply show a valid rail ticket for the current date and ask for the Rail Users’ Discount.

Save money and support our local cafes and shops !


Platform lengthening is complete

March 25, 2012

The extended platform at Walkden, looking east to the new section (beyond the planters)

The platform lengthening work at Walkden is now complete with a bright, broad expanse of red-brick surface stretching away toward the signal box. The platform is now long enough to comfortable accommodate 4-carriage trains, and the surface level is very slightly higher than the older section, making boarding and alighting a little bit easier on the new section.

It’s rumoured that when the work at Swinton station is complete the engineers will be back to relay the oldest section of platform (beyond the canopy, where the FOWS planters are) with red-brick.

Meanwhile FOWS are preparing a bid for some new planters to add a bit of visual interest to the enlarged platform space.


New shelters opened at Victoria

March 24, 2012

New passenger shelters have been opened on platforms 3, 4, 5, and 6 at Victoria providing some welcome relief from the winds and lack of seating that bedevil the station. Perhaps more actual seats than “lean-to” bum rests would have been nice, but there’s no doubt it’s still a good improvement.