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FoWS Annual General Meeting agenda

March 1, 2014

The agenda for our AGM is now available for download.

FOWS AGM 2014 Agenda – click to download

The AGM will be held on 7.30pm Wednesday 5th March in Community Room 2 at the Walkden Gateway Centre, 2 Smith Street, Walkden, M28 3EZ.

1 Welcome & Introductions, Andy Barlow

2 Guest Speaker: Don Jary, Northern Rail Client & Stakeholder Manager

  • Changes to Northern services being brought about through the infrastructure developments and electrification in the North West

3 Review of the Year, Neil Stapleton
4 Treasurer’s Report, Angela Critchley
5 Election of Officers.

  • Chair (currently Andy Barlow)
  • Secretary (currently Neil Stapleton)
  • Treasurer (currently Angela Critchley)
  • All three serving officers have indicated they are willing to continue in their posts. Anyone else wishing to stand for appointment please notify the Secretary (Neil Stapleton)

6 Election of Auditors: vote to approve re-appointment of Jennifer Reynolds as Auditor.
7 Northern Rail Safety Update, Don Jary
8 Gardening Update and Plans for 2014, Angela Critchley
9 Artworks Update and Plans for 2014, Angela Critchley
10 North-West Manchester Friends’ Steering Group, Andy Barlow
11 Any Other Business


“Two Together” railcard launches Monday

March 1, 2014

A new type of national railcard will be launched on Monday 3rd March, offering 33% discounts for two people aged 26-59 making a journey together.

At £30 the card could even repay its annual cost in a single long distance trip.

The main restriction appears to be that it cannot be used for weekday morning peak travel (0430 to 0930), but full terms and conditions will be released when the card is launched.

The two travellers do not have to be a couple or related, meaning it can also be used by friends or work colleagues travelling together.

See the Two Together website on Monday for full details.


Summer timetable now available online

March 1, 2014

The summer timetable, which starts Monday 19th May, can now be accessed on the National Rail Enquiries website – simply search for a journey with date May 19th to see the new Mon-Fri train times.

We have not had time to do a full analysis yet but it is clear that the introduction of an hourly Transpennine Express service direct from Victoria to Liverpool and Newcastle has had a significant knock-on effect for local services.

The following “highlights” have been selected from our first look at the timetables, but please bear in mind they are subject to late changes and possibly error on our part

Morning peak services from Walkden to Manchester will undergo major changes:

  • Current 0624 – new 0628 (continues to Huddersfield)
  • Current 0658 – new 0656
  • Current 0738 – new 0721 (terminates at Victoria)
  • Current 0759 – new 0758
  • Current 0818 no change (although this train will leave from Wigan NW and not stop at Hindley)
  • Current 0835 – new 0826
  • Current 0851 – new 0849
  • Current 0912 – new 0901

On the face of it these changes seem to make better connections for Rochdale, Huddersfield/Leeds, and the Airport, although inevitably they will not be beneficial to everyone’s journey.

Daytime trains will depart at xx04 and xx33 to Wigan, and xx29 and xx49 to Manchester. As a general rule the xx04 is the Southport train, the xx33 is the Kirkby train, the xx49 runs to Victoria and the xx29 to Todmorden.

There are the odd exceptions: the 0628 runs through the Huddersfield and the 1649 runs through to Huddersfield and then carries on all the way to Leeds.