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Congratulations Friends of Glossop !

September 28, 2009

It gives us very great pleasure indeed to congratulate Neil Williams and the gang at the Friends of Glossop Station for winning the Best Station Adoption Group Award at this year’s National Community Rail Awards.

The award is highly sought after with literally hundreds of friends groups around the country now. But after visiting some of their fantastic station galas (and nicking a few of their ideas like the poetry poster case !) and also knowing about some of the more difficult and mundane challenges they’ve overcome (yes, it’s far from plain-sailing even in the picturesque market town), there can be no doubt this award is thoroughly well deserved.

Well done to all at FOGS !


Police efforts pay dividends

September 28, 2009

Thanks to British Transport Police and the local Community Support Officers, anti-social behaviour and vandalism at the station has markedly declined in recent weeks.
Regular visits by uniformed and plain clothes officers have had the desired result, and station staff report a notable improvement in the overnight condition of the station – something FOWS have also noticed on our last few Sunday morning litter collections.


Meet The Manager – A “Thank You”

September 23, 2009

A quick “Thank You” to Northern Rail’s Chris Ingham and Peter Gedding for their “Meet The Manager” session at the station yesterday morning.

It’s great that Northern’s management are willing to come and meet the travelling public like this.

We understand not that many people took the chance to talk to Chris which is a great shame – he’s very approachable and genuinely interested passengers’ views. What’s more, if issues don’t get raised at events like this the “powers that be” in Northern HQ will be less likely to believe there are any major problems at Walkden.


Pillar repairs

September 23, 2009

Judging by the cones and “Men At Work” signs clustered around its base, the first pillar on the Manchester platform is being repaired by Network Rail.

The gutter that runs down the interior of this pillar has been blocked for some time, causing rainwater to overflow onto the platform and stream down the pillar’s exterior. It should have been unblocked (as the others were) when the canopy was repainted last summer, but for some reason this pillar was overlooked

FOWS have been reporting the problem in our monthly reports to Northern Rail for the last year, and Northern have been chasing the station owners Network Rail on our behalf.

We’re delighted the work is under way and would like to thank Northern and Network for taking action to preserve the fabric and appearance of the station.


Todmorden station gala – Sunday 20th Sept

September 19, 2009

Our friends at Todmorden are holding their annual station gala tomorrow (Sunday 20th Sept) from noon until 4pm.

The gala’s at Todmorden are renowned for their quirky atttactions and great fun, and this year’s gala will be focusing on the town’s “Incredible Edible Todmorden” campaign – yet another great idea from the clever people of the historic and characterful town.

According to the posters, this year’s gala also “Includes Ferrets” !

A visit is thoroughly recommended … full details are on their website.


Meet The Manager – next Tuesday

September 17, 2009

Next Tuesday morning (22nd September) Northern Rail’s Station Manager Chris Ingham will be at the station from 7.30 to 9.30 am to meet passengers and hear their (your !) views.

FOWS applaud Northern Rail and Chris for holding sessions like these, and encourage all station users to take advantage of the opportunity to meet Chris in person.

Whether you have suggestions for things you’d like to see improved, questions about how things are done, or comments on what’s good or bad about Northern’s service at Walkden, there’s no better chance to get your views across to Northern directly.

So … whether it’s disabled access, over-crowding, lack of Sunday services, station facilities … whatever bothers you about the service at Walkden, don’t miss this chance to have your say !


The train now approaching Platform 1 …

September 17, 2009

For the first time in years Walkden station now has a sign identifying platforms 1 (“for Manchester”) and 2 (“for Wigan, Kirkby and Southport”).

The sign, which hangs from the canopy in front of the exit from the stairs, is has black lettering on a white background rather than Northern Rail’s usual white lettering on dark blue, suggesting it is perhaps “second hand” from one of the other stations along the line (like Swinton or Atherton) that has been upgraded.

Still, it’s nice to know which platform is officially which, and is sure to be a help for new or irregular passengers.