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“Express” buses … details not available

August 21, 2007

We understand from staff in the Booking Office that as well as the replacement buses listed in the special timetable for next week, Northern will also run some “express” bus services from Walkden to/from Manchester and Westhoughton direct during the rush-hours. Unfortunately there don’t appear to be any details of these service available on-line so we can’t give any more information at the moment.


Bus replacement details available

August 19, 2007

Details of the replacement bus services for next week’s line closure have finally been published: timetable leaflets are available at the station.

Beware … the bus journey into Manchester takes longer than the train so the departure and arrival times are not the same as when the trains are running !

The bus times for Saturday 25th and Monday 27th can also be downloaded from here, but the timetable for the rest of the week doesn’t appear to be available on-line yet.


Does your councillor care about Walkden station ?

August 12, 2007

In early July the FOWS wrote to local MP Barbara Keeley and all 15 Salford councillors with constituencies in Walkden, Little Hulton, Worsley, Ellenbrook and Boothstown to ask for their support. Of those 15 councillors, only 4 replied: hats off to Ian MacDonald, Graham Compton, Stan Witkowski and Iain Lindley.

Because the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority (GMPTA) is made up of councillors from the 10 regional councils in Greater Manchester, all local councillors are in a good position to petition for better facilities, better investment, and to protest GMPTA decisions like the one to not fund CCTV and Passenger Information systems at Walkden when other stations along the line are being upgraded.

If you think your councillor isn’t doing enough for Walkden station, why not send them an email to show them how much their constituents care ?

All councillors ward and contact details can be found on the Salford council website.


Wanted … Shrubs and gardening kit

August 6, 2007

We have been given permission by Northern Rail to do some gardening work on the station to improve its appearance. If you know of a local business or garden centre that might be willing to donate some hanging baskets, small shrubs or bedding plants etc, please get in touch with us at  Thanks !


Engineering closure – still waiting for details

August 5, 2007

As advertised in the Booking Office the entire Atherton line will be closed from 25 August to 3 September while Network Rail carry out engineering works.

Network Rail have been asked to lower the height of the tracks at Walkden (to reduce the high step onto the trains) but we don’t yet know whether they will do it or not. There are no further details on the National Rail website yet, nor information about the bus replacement services.


Rubbish !

August 5, 2007

Saturday night litterSaturday night litter

It’s Saturday night and as usual the platform is strewn with bottles, cans, bags and wrappers. With no staff on site until Monday morning it’s a weekly invitation to vermin, not to mention the dangers of broken glass lying around. FOWS have asked for litter bins to be installed to help solve this problem.


Welcome to the FOWS Blog

August 5, 2007

Welcome to the weblog of the Friends of Walkden Station (FOWS) where we intend to post news about our actitivies and events at the station. Please feel free to post any comments you have about the station here – or visit our website at for more details of what we do and how you can get in touch.