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Vandals wreck bins again

April 15, 2008

The two new litter bins installed last week lasted just 5 and 7 days respectively before being destroyed by vandals. Without a staff presence in the afternoon or evening, or CCTV camera coverage, the flimsy hoop-and-bag design has little defence against bored miscreants.

Meanwhile FOWS has started work on the small area of bare earth at the far end of the Manchester platform flower bed. Wooden boards have been fixed which we hope to paint and then plant up in the next couple of weeks.



We love litter bins !

April 9, 2008

We never thought we would get so excited about litter bins but we were really pleased to note that the vandalised litter bins were replaced yesterday !

When the bins are available they fill up really quickly and help keep the station tidy, so a “Thank You” to Northern and their contractors ISS for installing some new ones.


Vandals Strike Again

December 11, 2007

Both litter bins have again been ripped off the wall in the last few days. Replacements are on order.