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FOWS demand CCTV as vandalism continues

October 12, 2008

The local interchange information poster and case - ruined by vandals.

The local interchange information poster and case - ruined by vandals.

You may have seen the article in this week’s Salford Advertiser where FOWS called upon Northern Rail and GMPTE to secure Walkden station in the light of continued vandalism and anti-social behaviour at the station.

The picture shows the remains of the “Local Interchange” poster this morning. It’s destruction leaves first-time and infrequent users of the station without valuable information about local bus stops and amenities.

Now that over 95% of Merseyrail’s stations have CCTV and “Secure Station” status, and even idyllic Lake District halts like Staveley and Burneside have CCTV, we are left wondering why on earth a station with a history of problems like Walkden is left unprotected.


Salford Central refurbishment nears completion

January 13, 2008
Uplit Arches Salford Central station’s late-running renovation work is nearly complete and the new glass entrance hall is a great improvement on its predecessor. Inside the station the tunnel to the platforms is looking spectacular as the brick arches have been exposed and beautifully lit from below.
Information display … in a cage ! On the platform things aren’t so pretty … there’s very little sign of change apart from the welcome addition of electronic information displays, albeit hidden behind ghastly floor-to-ceiling cages. 
Is the risk of vandalism so high or has someone just installed the displays at such a low height that cages are needed to stop people bumping their heads ?
Security cameras everywhere The number of security cameras makes you wonder what kind of assault GMPTE are expecting … we counted 27 criss-crossing every imaginable area of the station.
What a pity GMPTE say they can’t afford 2 cameras for Walkden ?