“VH2” Walkden circular bus service launched

July 25, 2016

A minibus operated by Diamond Buses has recently started running a circular route linking Walkden station with the town centre and Hilton Lane.

At first the service was not well-publicised but full details are now available from the TfGM bus timetable library.

The service is provided as part of the Burgess Farm planning permission and will run for 5 years.

Reflecting the bus’ primary purpose of serving commuters on the new housing estate, from 7am until noon it runs in anti-clockwise from Hilton Lane to the station and town centre. After noon the direction of travel is reversed.

Fares are:

  • Adult: 50p Single or £1 Day Return
  • Under 16’s: 25p Single or 50p Day Return

VH2 route

(route map copyright TfGM)

VH2 timetable



  1. Love this idea, just wish it went to the bottom of Walkden road also? Or Broadway even, it goes past on park road. We use to have the no 35 that took us to swinton also, but that got took off, now have only the 68 every 30mins + . So apart from these it’s a good walk home.

  2. From Burgess Farm on Monday I waited 45 minutes for the VH2 (which turned out to be a coach!). On Wednesday from Burgess Farm my daughter waited 45 minutes and finally gave up – she walked a very long way uphill pushing a pram and both she and the baby were distressed. Appalling service – those people who moved to Burgess Farm are feeling conned into moving down there. Isolated and marooned. (Not every family can afford a car if they are paying a house mortgage). Shocking and disappointing VH2.

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