Train times change from tomorrow (Sun 18 May)

May 17, 2014

The summer timetable starts tomorrow and contains quite a few significant changes to train times.

In summary:

  • Several morning peak services have been re-timed. For example, the 07.38 will leave at 07.21 instead, leaving a 37 minute gap until the next Victoria service at 07.58
  • The daytime spacing of trains towards Manchester is less even than before – a 20/40 minute waiting pattern instead of 30/30;
  • Connections at Victoria to destinations in Yorkshire are generally excellent and open some new day trip opportunities;
  • Some Walkden services will continue past Manchester to Todmorden, Huddersfield, and even Leeds, but the pattern is irregular;
  • A morning peak service to Wigan has been lost: this is particularly likely to inconvenience students travelling to Winstanley College;
  • The evening schedule is virtually unchanged;
  • Sunday services are largely unchanged  but please note trains to Manchester run about 10 minutes earlier.

Whatever time you are planning to travel, please check the train times first at National Rail Enquiries website  or download the new timetable from Northern.


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