1 in 5 Northern trains “late” in North Manchester last month

December 14, 2013

Northern have released performance figures for the 4 weeks to 7th December and anyone who suffered the daily delays, overcrowding and cancellations during that dreadful period will be surprised to read that in Northern’s words “all our service groups exceeded the required levels“.

The figures report that 1 in 5 trains was late in the North Manchester area, but using the DfT’s perverse guidelines allows Northern to count delays of up to 10 minutes as “on time” .

Trains are also only timed at their final destination, so a bit of judicious padding at the end of the timetabled journey is a commonly used ruse to massage delay statistics in train companies favour (timetables show trains take 3 minutes from Victoria to Salford Central, but anything from 5 to 8 minutes in the other direction).

Undoubtedly there were some difficult weather conditions to deal with during the month but these cannot be blamed for the lack of carriages, staff shortages, and lack of information passengers had to endure.

For everyone’s sake we hope never to experience a month like that again.


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