More above-inflation rail fares rises on the way

August 17, 2013

This week’s announcement that rail fares will rise next January by an average of 4.1% will be depressingly familiar to Walkden commuters who’ve seen fare rises racing ahead inflation and wages for several years now. As our table below shows, the most popular fares from Walkden (returns to Manchester) have risen by 31% and 43% (peak and off-peak) in just 6 years.


We will have to wait until December to find out exactly how hard this year’s increase will hit people as the 4.1% figure is only an average which rail companies have considerable “wiggle room” to distribute unevenly across their network. As a result we’ve seen fare rises a full 3% lower – and 4% higher – than the national average in the last 3 years.

At least we have been lucky enough to see some significant service improvements over the same period – Sunday trains, the longer and higher platform, electronic displays, modern signalling and the current renovation work at Victoria to name a few. However, we all know that much remains to be done too, with step-free access and larger, more modern trains still out of reach.



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