Winter Timetable starts Sunday Dec 9th

December 1, 2012

There are some significant changes to Walkden services in the Winter timetable starting on Dec 9th:

  • Off-peak trains to Manchester at 50 minutes past the hour (from 0850 to 1450) to continue beyond Victoria to Ashton Under Lyne and Stalybridge. This opens up lots of “day out” opportunities to visit Ashton market and towns like Marsden, Huddersfield, and Leeds which are accessed by connections from Stalybridge. And the legendary Stalybridge Station Buffet of course !
  • Evening services from Victoria overhauled so departures are spread more evenly and connect much better with trains from east Manchester and west Yorkshire. After 7pm trains will depart Victoria at 35 minutes past the hour instead of 10 minutes (e.g. the 1910 becomes the 1935, the 2010 becomes the 2035, etc). This change addresses the long-standing complaints that evening arrivals from Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford, Halifax, Rochdale, Hebden Bridge (etc etc) all miss the xx10 departures from Victoria by a matter of minutes, turning what should be easy connections into nearly hour-long waits at Victoria.
  • The evening changes also plug the 1.5 hour gap between 2110 and 2245 on Saturday evenings with trains at 2135 and 2235.
  • Saturday departure times have been brought into line with Monday-Friday.
  • However, please note the 1910 will depart Victoria at 1935, spreading the evening services more evenly but introducing a longer gap after the 1845.

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