“Standing Up For Investment In Greater Manchester” – the state of local trains raised at Tory party conference

October 8, 2011

The poor quality of trains and services in Manchester were highlighted by Walkden South councillor Iain Lindley in a speech to the Conservative Party Conference this week.

Contrasting the plight of Mancunian rail users with the newer trains and more frequent services provided in the south, Cllr Lindley said:

Conference, have you ever been in London and complained about waiting five minutes for your tube train? If my train to work in Cheshire is cancelled, I have to wait a whole hour. There are residents and commuters on my local station who wait half an hour only to find a train so full they cannot get on it”

The full text of Cllr Lindley’s short address can be read on his website here.

Walkden’s train passengers will be fervently hoping the message was heard by Transport Secretary Philip Hammond.

NB: FOWS is a strictly non-party political group (impartiality is enshrined in our constitution), and we are happy to work with, and acknowledge good deeds by, politicians of all parties.


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