Platform lengthening under way

October 8, 2011

As you may have seen work has started this week on the disused section of platform beyond the wooden fence at the east end of Walkden station. In fact I should say the former wooden fence as it’s already been removed, along with the vegetation that has colonised the platform over the last few decades.

We understand the work is in preparation for the longer (4 carriage) trains that will start to use the station on a more regular basis from December (see previous blog entry for more details).

On the subject of the longer trains, we have now been told by Northern that fewer services are going to benefit. The latest plan shows just the following trains to be lengthened:

  • 0715 Wigan W – Stalybridge (0738 from Walkden)
  • 1600 Southport-Huddersfield (1650 from Walkden)
  • 1710 Man Vic – Kirkby (1731 from Walkden)

Naturally we are hoping that more services will benefit as originally planned by TfGM, and we are seeking confirmation from Northern Rail.


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