Fair Fares Now – sign the petition to stop 28% fare rises over the next 3 years

August 14, 2011

The Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) have launched a petition calling on the government to limit the fare rises that are expected – according to the current laws – to rise by an average of 28% over the next 3 years. This frightening figure results from the so-called “RPI + 3%” formula, which would allow an 8% rise while inflation remains around the 5% mark.

In fact the BCT warn some tickets could rise by as much as 40% because the formula does not apply to individual fares, but rather an average of all fares over a specified period. This allows canny operators to make above average rises on some popular fares and reserve their below-average prices for less used ticket types.

In a colourful illustration of how expensive train travel has become, the CBT claim the running costs for the Transport Secretary’s Jaguar XL Saloon would equate to £2,277 per year for his 35-mile commute from home to Parliament, whereas the season ticket for the same journey by train currently costs almost a third more (£3,268).

The CBT argue rail travel should be prompted to tempt people out of their cars, to limit the environmental and social damage of a congested road network.

To sign the CBT’s Fair Fares Now petition, see the CBT website.


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  1. […] this outbreak of plain speaking will lead to reconsidering the government’s plan to let fares rise by 8% in January ? Unfortunately it probably is, as the Secretary has given no hint of trying to reduce the […]

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