Summer Timetable – disruption ahead

May 25, 2011

The summer timetable started on Monday and whilst most services continue to run as before there are some significant disruptions in the months ahead due to track relaying work:

  • From 20th June to 9th September, Mondays to Thursdays, the last train of the day in each direction is replaced by a bus and operates to a slower timetable;
  • From 26th June to 31st July all Sunday services from Walkden are replaced by buses and operate to a slower timetable;

We understand the track is being renewed (you may have noticed the new rails from Tata lying in the track bed, waiting to replace the “Workington 1959” veterans) and a bridge is being replaced at Atherton.

On Sundays when the train service is running there are some curious – minor – timing changes:

All departures from Wigan start 2 minutes earlier (15 minutes past the hour instead of 17), and all arrivals at Wigan are 1 minute later (55 minutes past the hour instead of 54). As these changes are effective outside the period of engineering works the suspicion of timetable-padding to improve train performance figures inevitably arises !


One comment

  1. The train leaves Wigan earlier because it stops at Ince now, before it didn’t use to do this. That is why it also gets to Wigan later.

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