GMITA to fund Sunday trains for another year

January 22, 2011

Great news from yesterday’s GMITA meeting as the authority approved payment of the subsidy required to keep the Walkden line Sunday service running for another year 😀

The service – which is proving very popular with passengers – was launched as a one-year trial in May 2010 with a subsidy paid by GMITA to Northern Rail. Yesterday’s vote means the arrangement will be renewed in May to keep the trains running until May 2012.

This is fabulous news but the service is still on a trial footing – the longer term objective is to have it written into the minimum service level provision of the next franchise deal, making its running a legal obligation of whichever company wins the franchise.

We urge people to carry on making the most of the Sunday service and telling friends how good it is – keeping the passenger numbers growing is the best guarantee of making it permanent.

Our sincere thanks to Barbara Keeley MP who wrote to  GMITA voicing her support, GMITA members Cllrs Ian Macdonald and Keith Whitmore, and Walkden South councillor Iain Lindley who have all rallied support for the continued service.


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