Make sure your voice is heard

December 11, 2010

We’ve heard a rumour from another local campaign group suggesting not all complaints to Northern Rail or GMPTE get counted in the official statistics unless they are written in a certain way.

We don’t know if that’s true or not, but if you want to make a complaint it stands to reason you will want it treated as such. So, whether the rumour is true or not, we suggest following the advice below in any case:

“There is some doubt if all our emails sent to various officers are actually being recorded as complaints.

It is imperative to send the complaint by email marking it prominently as a complaint or on Northern’s official complaint form. Similarly all complaints about rail service within Greater Manchester need to be
registered with the GMPTE via email and marking it prominently as a complaint or on an official GMPTE complaints form.

Otherwise there is a possibility your message is only logged as a “comment”

If you can get a message return that the email has been opened, do so. Otherwise ask for an acknowledgement to be sent to you.”

And as my contact points out, this is not about having a go at the local Northern Rail staff:

“I am sure the people at the sharp end are as frustrated as we are and the only way to get those in high places to take note is to get the total number of justified complaints as high as possible”


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  1. […] sure you send written complaints to Northern Rail and GMPTE (see our advice on how to make sure your complaint is heard), and even better your MP as it is only at the highest levels that the solution – the […]

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