January fare rises announced

December 8, 2010

The January increases to rail fares from Walkden can now be found on the National Rail Enquiries website Journey Planner – simply enter a 2011 date for your journey and press Check Fares.

The main commuter fares from Walkden – the Peak Return and 7-Day Pass to Victoria – are going up to £5.50 and £21.50 respectively, that’s a rise of around 5.9% in each case.

The rises are of course considerably higher than the current rate of inflation and decidedly unwelcome when money is in short supply all round. It’s only a small consolation to observe the rises are slightly less than the 6.2% average predicted nationwide.

Some other fares are rising more steeply – over 10% in some cases. Here’s a few of the most common fares from Walkden:

Peak Return to Mcr Off Peak Return to Mcr Peak Single to Mcr Off Peak Single to Mcr 1 Month Season Ticket
Old fare £5.20 £3.00 £3.20 £2.90 £78.00
New fare £5.50 £3.30 £3.50 £3.20 £82.60
increase 5.8% 10% 9.4% 10.3% 5.9%

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