Rail in the news … higher fares but hope for more trains (at some point in the next 9 years) …

November 25, 2010

Trains have been in the news this week with two big national stories.

Firstly the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) announced that the average fare rise in January will be 6.2%. As this is an average we can expect some fares to go up more or less than this amount and we will have to wait and see what Northern announce for tickets from  Walkden. Some analysts believe the 6.2% average could mask individual fare rises of over 10%, so we will have a somewhat nervous wait to learn our fate.

The second big announcement came from Transport Secretary Philip Hammond this morning who said the government plans to order 2,100 new  carriages for the network. After the disappointment of the infamous  180 new carriages for the north-west that never materialised, it’s unlikely anyone will be getting too excited at the prospect of ample space on board our trains yet. The government has yet to decide when and where many of the new carriages will be used, but they have said the plan will take until 2019 before all the new carriages are in service.

Looks like the over-crowding will be with us for some time to come 😦


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