Park Road Parking – part 2

October 13, 2010

We have received a helpful reply from GM Police about the “Pavement Parking” leaflets left on cars last week.

The Police suggest that parking half-on and half-off the pavement is a “common sense approach” on a narrow street provided the vehicle “does not obstruct the pavement to the extent a wheel chair cannot get past“.

This seems an eminently reasonable position and FOWS would therefore urge station users parking along Park Road to bear the Police advice in mind and make sure you leave enough room for a wheelchair to get past your car.

Our thanks to GMP for a quick and practical reply 🙂


One comment

  1. Seems a perfectly reasonable suggestion to me and totally common sense but thanks for getting clarification. I have noticed it becoming more of an issue on Park rd in particular a couple of cars near the junction of Park rd and Stanley rd that park so close to the fence/lamppost that you struggle to walk past let alone get a pram weelchair past. The bizarre bit to me is you run a much bigger chance of getting your car scratched this way so it seems daft instead of parking round the corner on Stanley rd and not obstructing.

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