Park Road Parking

October 11, 2010

Passengers parking their cars on Park Road last Friday returned to their vehices to find a leaflet about “pavement parking” on their windscreens.

The leaflet, apparently from Greater Manchester Police, warns that pavement parking can obstruct pedestrians, damage the pavement, and lead to a fine.

FOWS have written to the Police to ask for clarification on the legalities of parking on the pavement as we do not wish for any station users to fall foul of the law, and we have also explained that the lack of a station car park is a recognised problem for both station users and local residents.

We have also asked if the Police will lend their support to our requests to Salford City Council and GMPTE to provide dedicated off-road parking for the ever-increasing number of people using the station – and thereby helping reduce congestion and pollution in the city.


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