Hot coffee and cakes – coming to Walkden station !

July 27, 2010

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Cafe Chino will be operating a coffee and cake stall on the station from this Thursday morning.

I don’t suppose many people thought we’d have a hot coffee stall at Walkden station any time soon, so please show your support for this initiative and give the refreshments a try.

The stall will operate from around 06.45 to 08.30 to begin with (the hours may change depending on demand), and the bill of fare is shown below. I don’t know what Aussie Crunch is but it could be just the thing to start your day !

A massive “Thank you” to Marina from Cafe Chino, and to Northern Rail for allowing the scheme to go ahead on the station.

  • Coffee £ 1.00
  • Waffles £ 1.00
  • Muffins £ 1.00
  • Choc flapjacks £ 1.00
  • Aussie crunch £ 1.00
  • Mars/maltesers/crunchie 50p
  • Native valley 50p
  • Flavoured water £ 1.00
  • orange/apple/tropical juices £ 1.00
  • Smoothies £ 1.00
  • Biscuits 50p

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