Sun shines on Salford’s Big Green Festival

June 27, 2010

Visitors and stalls at the Big Green Festival

FOWS at the Big Green Festival

FOWS were delighted to appear at yesterday’s Big Green Festival organised by Salford City Council to promote environmental awareness.

With gorgeous weather and dozens of interesting attractions the festival was a great success and drew in hundreds of visitors.

We were pleased to meet a steady stream of visitors to our stall to talk about where and when the local trains run, money-saving fares, and day out ideas. Thanks to our friends at Northern Rail we had plenty of interesting leaflets and freebies to hand out, and we hope we have tempted at least a few more people to try the train service from Swinton, Moorside or Walkden.



  1. Hello FOW, was great to meet you both on the day! I may not get as far as Walkden station first off, but I’m certainly going to give a go to get from my local station at Woodsmoor (Stockport) to Swinton, maybe even make it a couple of stops further down the line to Walkden now I’ve heard all about it. It was good to see how many people were interested in finding out more about using the local train network. I used to commute to Manchester every day and train definately my favourite way to start and end my working day! Thank you so much for exhibting at the event, it was a sorcher! Warm Regards Trish

  2. Thank you for the words of support Trish – and have fun on your trips to Swinton and Walkden !

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