“Mind the Gap” … warning signs installed

March 14, 2010

New "Mind The Gap" sign at Walkden station
“Warning – Mind the Gap” signs have been installed on 6 of the 8 pillars at Walkden. The large gap between platform and train has been a long-running concern and the warning signs will undoubtedly be useful for alerting first-time visitors to the station about the hazard.

For those of you who have difficulty boarding or stepping down from the train at Walkden because of the high and wide gap, we are waiting confirmation from Northern Rail as to options for your assistance.

Previously Northern have advised passengers to ask the guard to deploy the wheelchair ramp that all trains carry, but recent conversations have uncovered the fact this advice might not apply any longer because of Health & Safety changes. As soon as we have an answer from Northern we’ll post their latest advice here.

A mid-term solution might be provided by the so-called “Harrington Hump” … a pre-formed plastic ramp that can be fixed to a small length of station platform. This technology has been trialled successfully by Network Rail at several locations.

Around this time last year FOWS asked Network Rail to consider Walkden as a site where the hump could be piloted, but unfortunately our emails were never answered.


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