Spare a thought for Clifton – Salford’s forgotten station

March 6, 2010

We were pleased to see the Salford Advertiser featuring the plight of would-be passengers at Clifton station, the north Swinton station with a scandalously poor 2-trains-per-day service (Salford Advertiser, March 4 2010, pg 19).

Local campaigners are pointing to the inconsistency between government policies encouraging public transport use and a perfectly good railway station rendered effectively useless by a starvation service.

A Northern Rail spokesperson is quoted as saying “There has been a very low level of demand for train services from Clifton, largely due to the low population in the vicinity of the station” … as if anything other than very low demand is conceivable with just 2 trains per day. The spokesperson also suggested residents use Swinton station instead, over-looking its lack of disabled access (which is available at Clifton) and the fact its rush-hour trains are already very over-crowded.

It seems clear there’s no desire to even try and make Clifton a success: an own goal by the railway.

We wish Clifton the best of luck in their campaign for a decent train service.


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