GMITA claim progress in DfT talks for more trains

February 27, 2010

Local politicians returned from Whitehall this week claiming some progress in their battle to get the Department for Transport to honour its promises for more trains in the north.

Exact timescales and figures were vague but GMITA Leader Keith Whitmore insisted “we are confident that we are going to see additional rolling stock coming to Greater Manchester this year“.

Worsley councillor and GMITA Vice-Chair Cllr Ian Macdonald acknowledged the plight of local rail users saying “we understand that commuters’ patience is wearing thin whilst this dialogue continues. We would like to give passengers an absolute assurance that we will continue to put pressure on government to end the misery of their daily journeys.”

Meanwhile the DfT response was depressingly and familiarly non-committal: “We are currently involved in detailed commercial negotiations to deliver additional trains for the busiest services in the north of England. We hope to make an announcement about this in due course

FOWS advice passengers affected by the severe over-crowding on our trains to continue to submit complaints to Northern Rail. We believe that the more complaints received the greater Northern Rail’s motivation to find a solution to the problem.

Northern Rail Customer Relations can be contacted by:

  • phone: 0845 000 0125
  • email: customer.relations@northernrail.org
  • post: Northern Rail Customer Relations, FREEPOST RLSL-ABEC-BGUU, Northern Rail Limited, Leeds, LS1 4DY
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