FOWS make the case for Walkden at the Sub-Regional Transport Seminar

February 15, 2010

FOWS Chairman Peter Aust recently attended a seminar on behalf of FOWS, and has given us this report on the occasion …

Hello FOWS Bloggers

Sorry I’m late posting this but thought I would tell you what a successful morning I had at Manchester Town Hall on Monday 18th January last when I attended the Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority Sub-Regional Seminar.

I managed to do some lobbying on behalf of Walkden station during the coffee registration time before the seminar started and was fortunate to be able to raise three questions at different times regarding where Walkden station stands with regard to the overall improvements that are planned for the future.

I was told by one of the panel Michael Renshaw who is the Interim Bus and Transport Rail Director for GMPTE that I would receive a written reply in this regard and I will of course be following this up rigorously on your behalf.

Lastly, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of support I received from the floor when I raised a question about how early the last train was scheduled on the new Sunday service.

Best regards
Peter Aust Chairman FOWS


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