Golden memories of an ex-Walkden resident

January 7, 2010

FOWS are always pleased to hear from former station users with memories of the station in days gone by.

Audrey Lea – nee Higson – lived in Walkden in the 1940’s and 50’s, then Little Lever in the 1960’s and wrote to us recently recalling “travelling to school in Wigan for three years from the High Level Station. In all kinds of weather I can only remember the train being late and that was in thick fog … and I can never remember the trains not running despite the amount of snow we used to get then”.

Audrey also described interesting aspects of life in Walkden back in those days: “the walks in Parr Fold Park on a Sunday afternoon and evening, the dances at the Town Hall, shopping in Bolton Road where you could buy anything you needed, evenings at the Palace cinema.

“We were so content with spending our time in milk bars, coffee bars, going to the cinema, dances at the town hall etc We were happy and never needed anything else.

“I remember waiting for a bus with a group of friends and along came a policeman who informed us that it was time we were going home … it must have been around TEN O’CLOCK ! And not one of us … in our late teens ever dreamed of answering him back”

Audrey would like to get in touch with any old friends from the area who knew her. Her email address is audrey29@tesco.net

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