Saturday overcrowding strikes Walkden again

December 21, 2009

Dozens of would-be passengers were again unable to board trains from Walkden this Saturday morning due to over-crowding.

It’s a rotten experience for anybody whose travel plans are thwarted, and the railway will have to work hard to persuade some of the unfortunate travellers to return. It’s ironic that passengers are called “customers” by the privatised railway companies yet the trains provided for them at Walkden are more inadequate than ever !

Obviously there is a large seasonal element to the current over-crowding issues with many more shoppers and revellers wanting to take the train into town. However railway planners should take note that concerts at the MEN and other events in Manchester mean over-crowding is not just a rush-hour phenomenon.

The extra carriages promised to Northern Rail are desperately needed in the Greater Manchester area and can’t come soon enough !


One comment

  1. Awesome news! Well done to all.

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