Play your part – help FOWS secure Sunday services for Walkden … we need your help now !!

December 9, 2009

Help FOWS make train-less Sundays a thing of the past !

After 2 years of campaigning by FOWS, Barbara Keeley MP, and Councillors Iain Lindley and Ian Macdonald, the prospect of Sunday services from Walkden station is getting closer … but we need the help of Walkden station users to clinch it.

As if anyone needs reminding, Walkden station needs and deserves a Sunday train service because …

• The train is the fastest, greenest route from Walkden to Wigan and Manchester
• Shops, cinemas, sports venues, galleries … there are thousands of attractions open for business on Sundays
• The Walkden line is the only major passenger line in Manchester that doesn’t have a Sunday service
• The number of people using the station has more than doubled in the last 5 years
• Even some trains on Saturdays are full and standing … the demand for weekend train services is clear
• Leaving a perfectly good railway line idle 1 day out of every 7 is a terrible waste of a valuable resource
• It’s simply ridiculous that in 2009 trains don’t serve towns the size of Walkden and Atherton on a Sunday !

The story so far is this:

In the summer GMITA voted to formally make Sunday services an “aspiration” for the transport authority.

At a recent meeting arranged by Barbara Keeley MP, Northern Rail and the Dept For Transport pledged their desire to launch the service, and the DfT even agreed to waive some revenue charges to make the scheme more affordable.

Why we need YOUR help

The final hurdle is GMITA approval for the subsidy required to run the service.

On Dec 18th GMITA meet to vote on funding. To make sure we don’t fall at the final hurdle we need every local councillor to lobby GMITA to approve the proposal.

Please don’t leave it to someone else … if you want a Sunday service from Walkden send your local councillor a message or email TODAY and insist they exert the maximum possible pressure on their colleagues in GMITA to approve this plan.

Whoever wins the next election, public spending is likely to be squeezed in the years ahead … it really could be “now or never” if Walkden is ever to get a 21st century train service running 7 days a week !

See our special Sunday service web page for details of how to contact your local councillors.


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