Overcrowding hits weekend services too

December 6, 2009

In the run up to Christmas the chronic levels of overcrowding already seen in the daily rush-hours are making an unwelcome appearance at weekends too.

The last two Saturday mornings have seen crowds of would-be travellers unable to board trains that are already completely full. For those lucky enough to cram aboard the journey has been made in terribly over-crowded conditions with passengers sitting on the floor beneath the luggage racks, and frightened children clinging to their parents.

FOWS do not wish to scare people away from using the trains, but neither can we pretend these problems don’t exist. We find it depressing that people giving the service an occasional try find that some trains are unusable.

We urge all travellers affected by the shortage of carriages to complain to Northern Rail using a complaint form (available from any manned station), phoning their Customer Relations team on 0845 000 0125, or emailing customer.relations@northernrail.org

It won’t magic up an instant solution, but will move Walkden up Northern’s list of priorities for when extra carriages are eventually received from the government. It also helps Northern Rail demonstrate to the Department of Transport why they need more carriages now.



  1. Thanks for the information, out of interest do you know which ones have been affected? Need to be in town this Saturday for about 10/10.30 for a connection to Hull so can’t be late so might have to make alternate arrangements if they are that bad.

  2. Hi Christian, last Saturday the 1048 departure for Manchester was unable to load all the passengers at Walkden.
    Given that Xmas shoppers make up a large number of travellers at this time and they are likely to be out in force again this weekend, I would allow longer than usual for your journey – try getting one train earlier than you would do normally (in case you need to resort to getting a bus). Neil (FOWS)

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