They say “It’s your Salford” … so don’t let the planners forget Walkden station !

November 14, 2009

You may have read about the council’s Draft Core Strategy for Salford’s long-term development in your “Life in Salford” magazine. This plan has serious implications for Walkden station …

Conspicuous by its absence
The “Life in Salford” article doesn’t mention Walkden station at all, just a new park and ride facility at Irlam.

But in the Transport section of the full strategy document (available from www.itsyoursalford.info), the outlook for Walkden is grim … there are improvements for Swinton, Eccles, Irlam, Salford Crescent and Central stations: but nothing for Walkden station.

Metrolink Takeover ?
The strategy also reveals plans for a feasibility study into adapting the route for Metrolink trams. Trams may provide a more frequent service, but journey times may be longer as more stops are added to the route, fares will quite probably be higher, and the carriages themselves will be smaller, have less seats than trains, and no toilets.

Moreover, conversion to Metrolink could spell the end of through train services to places like Southport and Blackpool.

FOWS believe trains provide the very best fast, green route into the city and we do not want the line to be taken over by trams.

If you share our view, make sure you take part in Salford’s consultation process.
Let’s get proper improvements for Walkden built into the plan now !


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