Walkden station and FOWS featured in local newsletter

November 7, 2009

GMITA’s recent decision to support the introduction of a Sunday service at Walkden is the lead story in Walkden South Conservative’s latest newsletter.

FOWS is a non-political organisation and has no allegiance to any political party. However, we are happy to acknowledge any help that individual politicians lend to our cause and Councillor Iain Lindley has been an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of the station since FOWS was founded. Cllrs Les and Nicky Turner are also paid-up members of FOWS.

In the interests of balance we are also delighted to report the help and support we receive from Labour’s Barbara Keeley MP. Barbara has recently met Northern Rail again to keep up the pressure on them to introduce Sunday services and make other improvements (such as improving access to the station). We’re hoping to have more news from Barbara on this blog soon.

Incidentally, you might imagine that all the local councillors whose constituents rely on the station have been active supporters of FOWS and our campaigns, but sadly that isn’t the case. That’s the reason we’re happy to publicly thank those politicians who do help us – whichever party they belong to.

Why not ask your local councillors what they are doing to help press to service and facility improvements at Walkden station ?


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