Roof repairs are underway

September 6, 2009

Scaffolding outside the station entrance as Network Rail's roof repairs get underway. Network Rail’s contractors have made a good start to the roof repairs at the station as these photographs show. Smart new tiles and flashing (made from plastic, so hopefully less vulnerable to thieving) are being laid on the main station roof, and old, rotten material is being removed from all sections.

Network Rail promised they would take care not to damage the flower beds and they have been as good as their word, for which FOWS are truly grateful.

Unfortunately the local know-nothings haven’t been so considerate and have been tearing up the foam wrapping that is supposed to make the scaffolding less dangerous to station users. British Transport Police are keeping a close eye on the problem and hopefully the culprits will soon tire of their game.

Booking Hall

Main roof


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