Technology trial offers hope for platform gap

December 24, 2008

This week’s RAIL magazine reports that a new technology is being Harrington station in Cumbria to address the problem of platforms with very large gaps between platform and train height. The trial uses a reinforced plastic “hump” which can be attached to the platform to assist access on to and off of trains.

The story is also covered on Cumbria’s local council website.

Crucially in this cash-strapped age, Network Rail hope that if the trial is successful the technology may enable a platform to be modified for around £25,000 – that’s just 10% of the cost of raising a low platform using traditional building means.


  1. That looks very encouraging Neil. Fingers crossed for a successful trial…

  2. Presumably this is just a small ‘hump’ on one part of the platform, and the trains stop with one door aligned with it (a bit like the feature they have on some Metrolink stations). Much better than nothing, but not a complete solution of course.

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