New timetable starts tomorrow

December 14, 2008

The new winter timetable starts from Walkden tomorrow (Mon 15th Dec) and as previously discussed contains some radical changes to the service.

FOWS would like to hear how the new timetable affects passengers – why not add a comment to let us know how it’s working out for you ?



  1. Oh my god!!!!

    I can only hope and pray that it was teething problems today. I don’t think it could possibly have gone worse. This week I have to go to Stockport which I occasionally have to. A few weeks ago it was easy apart from how overcrowded the Chester train was but at least I only changed once.

    This morning a 10 min wait at Salford, then change again at Oxford Rd and the delayed by 8 mins to Norwich. Not great I thought but could have been worse. I don’t think I could ever imagine how bad.

    Gets to Stockport at 16.50 and just in time for the delayed Preston which was 20 mins late and would get me into Salford hopefully for a connection. This took 40 mins because it was so badly crowded and left loads at Oxford Rd and Deansgate.

    I got off at the Crescent to crowds more commonly seen at Wembley stadium. It was bedlam, every train was at least 20 mins late. The screen change it’s mind about 20 times while I was there with the Kirkby train disappearing countless times.

    Did feel sorry for the station staff as they were getting all sorts of stick. I did manage to squeeze on the Kirkby one somehow god knows how. I was lucky as many didn’t. I thought it was bad with the times for changing at Salford getting longer but this was a shambles on a whole new scale.

    Luckily I only change at Salford occasionally. I think any of you who do it regularly need a medal.

  2. I’d just like to back up the comments made by Christian above – I got to Manchester Piccadilly at about 16.10 only to find that the 16.20ish to Southport had been cancelled.

    I decided to wander over to the concourse and return for the 16.54 to Preston, which was 25 minutes late and packed well beyond capacity – we were all crammed in like sardines and this was a 5-car Adelante!

    After getting off at Salford Crescent I squeezed back onto the Kirby train which was itself nearly 30 minutes late.

    Almost every train on the monitor was delayed to some degree. I hope the teething problems have been ironed out today!

  3. 0658 to Manchester was cancelled this morning – Northern seem to be having a lot of trouble with staff shortages at the moment (on top of the new timetable challenges).

  4. The journey home was miles better today so credit due there. Sadly as walkdenstation says, the 6.58 was cancelled for the 2nd time in less than a week due to no driver. Had to get the bus as couldn’t risk waiting as needed to be in Stockport early.

  5. Northern seem to be using the new Adelantes for the Piccadilly-Preston/Blackpool commuter services. Interesting to see if they improve the capacity.

  6. More cancellations today – the 1150 to Manchester (a fatality on the line) and then the 1845 back (broken down train). It’s just not been a good week !

  7. I’m told today there was a “shortage of staff”. I got to Salford Central for the 1449 to Walkden and the screen changed from “on time” to “cancelled” at 1448. Not impressed. Had my ticket refunded and got the bus…

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