A shout out for the staff !

October 22, 2008

Yesterday’s Booking Office closure was a reminder of how much un-heralded work is done every day by our local railway staff. The disgusting mess of chips, drinks containers and newspapers which greeted commuters is usually tidied away by Marian before the first passenger of the day arrives !

Once on board the guard was busy selling extra tickets, dispensing advice, and hurrying up and down the train – squeezing past standing passengers with her bulky ticket machine – in order to operate the train doors from the end of the carriage. No wonder if there’s an occasional delay of a few seconds after a train stops before the doors can be opened.

And finally at Victoria we have the Revenue Protection staff just starting their 12-hour shifts at 7.30am. Working on what you can imagine is pretty low pay these guys make a consciencious effort on a job, in the front line against fare dodgers, that I’m sure few of us would relish.

So let’s spare a thought for the men and women who keep our trains running day after day with – in my experience – mostly excellent humour and grace.


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