Dozens of Sunday trains at Walkden … but none of them stop !

June 15, 2008
A diverted TransPennine Express train approaching Walkden Walkden station has seen plenty of trains again this Sunday as engineering work on the Bolton line has caused Northern and Trans Pennine Express services to Blackpool, Southport, Manchester Airport, and Barrow (amongst other destinations) to be diverted via the Atherton line.

Meanwhile the station itself remains one of the busiest in the Manchester area without a Sunday service. Today – as so often on a Sunday – FOWS volunteers working on the station have had to break the news to more than 10 would-be passengers that the last Sunday service left over 40 years ago.

FOWS are campaigning for Northern Rail and GMPTE to re-introduce Sunday services at Walkden. Support our campaign by contacting your local councillor or MP and asking them to press the case for Walkden to GMPTE.


One comment

  1. now that your up and running whould it not be better to bring all the stations on the Atherton Line under one umbrella, in the end if one station fails that effects all stations.

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