Northern Rail reply to AGM questions

March 15, 2008
Nothern Logo Our friends at Northern Rail have come back with answers to some questions raised at our recent AGM. We would like to thank Northern for the answers below:

1) Desirable though it may be, we can’t aim to provide perfect connections to facilitate every potential journey opportunity. Generally the timings of trains on each route are determined by the key locations such as Salford Crescent and Victoria. Paths at Salford Crescent will be dictated by the TPE services and our Airport – Southports, and their paths are determined by paths approaching Piccadilly, (determined by Virgin, Cross Country etc) and getting through the busy Piccadilly-Ordsall Lane corridor. This,of course applies in both directions and another challenge is to allocate the available paths in each direction to particular routes so that you get sensible turn round times at each end. Where possible we do try to get reasonable connections between linked routes (eg between Victoria and Piccadilly lines at Salford Crescent), but as I hope you can see, the flexibility to tweak timings to optimise connections is fairly limited.

3) Planning for Sunday services from December is still at an early stage. We are working through business cases for a number of possible enhancements to Sunday services on a number of routes, and are also discussing priorities with Gmpte. It is therefore too soon to say what will emerge for December, or subsequent timetable changes.


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